1st Peter 2:11-12
                                                    We are called to moral purity.
In the book Eli Greatness Begins we see a young man who walks an upright life in all he does. But one point stands out clear. He walks in total moral purity.  By his stance he shows the young lady that he will eventually marry that he can be trusted in all things.  The reason a person who is morally pure can be trusted is the drive that we all experience from within to not be morally pure.  On Monday of last week I did an interview with Ted Elm of WWJC radio.  He asked me who the villain in the story was.  I had to think about that for a moment.  The villains in the story were a couple.  Neither was overt, but very subtle.  One was the enemy of our souls that would use a small thing and turn it into something big to try to destroy us.  The other was himself and his passions and the ease of not being true in all that he knew to be right and good.  He faces the tests that will show the power of our Heavenly Father in his life.  Today is the day for all of us to walk out that moral purity that we are called to.  In doing so we will see our Fathers grace and holiness in our lives that will touch the lives of those around us.  Today as you walk out this life that Father has given us through the Son by the Spirit remember, people are watching us to see if we really believe what we are saying.   Let’s walk it out.
Go in peace
Serve the Lord