1st John 4:17-27
                                                                     We MUST love our brother
We have no choice; we must love our brother/sister.  We must love him/her enough to be willing to share the Christ with him/her.  We must love him/her enough that after they have received the Christ of God into their hearts and had their lived changed forever we are there to help lead them into not only understanding who God is, but becoming one with God through the Christ so their  relationship built with God to the point where God is not just the big guy in the sky, but develops a deep personal relationship in such a way as they come to understand that God wants indwell them and they him.  When this happens then they will understand the Father Hood of God.  Once they understand the Father Hood of God they will at that point understand that the God of the universe,  wants them through his Holy Spirit to indwell him/her in such a way that this friend actually will understand that God is their Father and will feel comfortable addressing God as Father.  Love means being willing to put ourselves out their and risk getting hurt.  Love means we become willing to have this person reject what we are telling them and reject the very God our Father we so much want this person to develop their own relationship with in a way that not only changes their lives but also those people them come in contact with.  We always have a choice.  But let me remind you of this. Peter in John 6:68 asks the Christ, ā€œLord to whom shall we go, you have the words of eternal life?ā€  For a person to be complete, for a person to be all that God created them to be they must walk with our Father all of their life.  If they do not their life can end in a not so nice way.  We must love our brother enough to be willing to reach out and see their lives changed forever.
Go in peace