1st John 4:17-19
                                                                                THERE IS NO FEAR IN LOVE
Vs. 18 is the key verse here. Fear involves torment. Perfect love cast out fear.  If we fear we have not been perfected in love.  Father’s love perfected in us will give us the boldness to speak to those Father leads us to.  Keep in mind Father is leading us to people who are destined for Hell.  If you think that person will think less of you now for speaking to them about the Christ, just think what they are going to think of you as they burn in Hell because you did not speak to them and give them the opportunity to turn away from their sinful ways and walk in the newness that is offered by our Father through the Christ.  Fear is the strongest weapon that Satan uses to stop the believer in his tracks.  It freezes the believer and keeps him/her from attacking the stronghold of the enemy. When we operate in the Love of Christ, when we operate in God’s perfect love. With that love empowering us we will walk through that paper lion that the enemy puts up to attempt to stop us.  Now is the time to be of good courage. Now is the time to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and walk in that love that Christ demonstrated on the Cross.  It’s time to walk out the most powerful thing in the universe. God’s love.
Go in peace