1st John 4:1-6
                                                                                Make sure it’s God’s vision.
As many of you have figured out by now I am a big vision guy.  We are told my people perish for lack of vision.  We have to make sure it’s God’s opvision and not just ours.  If we take of on a vision that is not Father’s that makes it the enemies.  Another issue we can run into is this.  That would be messing up details of the vision.  When Father gives us details of his vision that we are to carry out look for how to accomplish those details.  My biggest problem is I tend to act before I get the whole picture on how to carry out said plan.  It does not matter if we consider the plan a big plan or a small one.  The part of Father’s plan that he has us carry out is important Hence, details are important.  My problem has always been this; I jump on a plan set before me without getting the details and tend to regret my quick move to accomplish it.  It always seems Father bails me out, but slowing down and waiting until the plan is laid out makes for a much smoother transition.   I can almost see Father shaking his head at times wondering when I will learn to slow down and wait on him for the details on how to carry out his vision.  So next time Father gives you part of his vision to carry out, pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit down relax, and ask Father for each step  he wants you to take so he can accomplish his vision in the most concise manner possible.
Go in peace