1st John 4:1-3
                                                    Do not believe every spirit
I know Father has gifted me in areas that could be used by the enemy.  Everyday I write I cense what Father has me write for his people. My prayer every morning when I sit at this computer is “Father what do you have for your people today? I search the scripture; I try to grasp what the Father is trying to communicate to us every morning.  Here’s the hook. Don’t just take it at face value. Every morning you see a scripture reference.  Every morning the Word is being put forth.  The commentary is meant for encouragement.  But check it out.  Dig for yourself and make sure you have a witness in your spirit to what is coming to you every morning in your mail box.  If you think I am “off base” on something let me know.  Remember I am not God.  Don’t want that job, to many responsibilities. Don’t just jump on something because it seems like the right thing to do at the time.  The enemy will appear as a light. That light goes out in a hurry when the situation blows up in our face.  Father deals in truth. He speaks truth. He never compromises. He knows what has to be done in every situation and completes it.  His purpose is to see each and every one of us glorify him in our lives and gifting.  When we succeed and give him the Glory in our success then we are accomplishing the greatness we are created for.  That success and acknowledgement of Father for the success is what draws people to him.   Father draws people to himself through His Son by His Spirit.  We are told to test the spirits. What we feel Father would have us do must line up with his word.  Our motivations for what is done must line up with his word.  Everything we do must be done out of Love and Compassion for the other person, not for building ourselves up.
Test the spirits.
Go in peace