1st John 3:2 

We are Children of God.

As many of you have noticed I refer to Almighty God as Father.  There is a reason for this.  I could refer to Him as Abba Father. (Daddy)  That my friends is the type of relationship he wants with us.  He wants relationship of a Father to a child. He wants intimacy with us.  The question I have for each of us is are we living like a Kings Kid. Are we standing in theThrone room, or have we been relegated by our own choices, or choices of other that have had an adverse effect on us to the bathroom (another type of throne room.)  When we trust someone close to us and they break that trust it can destroy us.  That person we trusted has been used by the enemy to try and destroy something Father is doing.  The timing of some of these things that happen seems to come just as we seem to be getting close to victory.  We can taste the victory, and then something happens to set us back from that which Father is doing.  It can be business, or something that will tear one up on a personal level.  I have had both happen in the last few years.  Take time to grieve what has been taken, and then it gets to the point where Father wants us to get up and get back to work.  Remember this, the victory is ours.  The victory is ours.  It time to quit letting Satan take our victory from us, it’s time for us to walk in that newness of Life that the Father provided for us with the sacrifice of his Son.  So here is the deal, look at what the enemy has stolen from you.  Go to Father and ask for his restoration.  Remember Job.  He was restored many times over from that which Satan stole from him.  Stand your ground, when the enemy tries to take what Father has given you stand your ground.  You’re a prince/princess, don’t take the enemies crap.  Stand firm in that which Father has set for you to accomplish, and do it.

Go in peace