1st John 3:11-17

                We must choose to love our brother.

The love John is talking about here is not chemistry. This love is a choice.   I want to use my brother Ron here.  He is married to my sister Lorraine.  Ron shows the love of Christ in ways that are simple.  He gives of himself.  He does not make a big thing about what he is doing, just does what needs to be done.  Ron shows love to the point of self sacrifice.  Do I show love to this level.  Whish I could say yes, but I can’t.   I want to point out here the difference between love and being an enabler.  Love is taking what you have and helping the person make the changes necessary in their life to be able to accomplish those things that father would have him/her accomplish.  An enabler is one who will make it easier for that person to stay in the bad situation their in, continuing their self destructive behavior, and they feel good about it because that person did not feel pain.  The loving thing in that instance would have been to allow that person to feel pain that would have forced them to change their behavior.   Sometimes the love of Christ forces us to be tough. 

Be tough when you have to be

Go in peace