1st Corinthians 4:1-5
                                                                                              We are the stewards.
                As a sales guy I am calling on business all day long.  Many times I will walk in and the person (the owner) whom I need to speak with is out.  That owner has given control of his/her business to the person behind the counter  for a period of time until the owner returns.  That person has only one duty. That duty is to follow the instructions that the owner has left them until the owner returns.  That person can only sell product, or handle the services that the company provides. That person cannot go beyond the authority that has been placed in them while the owner is gone.  That person has no authority to change anything with the business.  That is the position that we are in as stewards of the Word of God.  To change what our Father is saying in his word is a very dangerous thing.  I tend to be a literalist. What God said in his word is what he meant.  I encourage each and every one of us to learn the word.  As we imbed it in our minds when the time comes that we need it the Holy Spirit will bring to mind the word that is necessary in any given situation.  That situation could be on the side of the road on a freeway or in a bar. Father is going to place us where he is going to use us to touch lives that need to be touched.  Be open to the leading of the Spirit of God and be used.
Go in peace