1st Corinthians 2:6-13
                                                                     To the mature they impart wisdom.
                The wisdom of God is foolishness to man. (1cor.1:25)   As I look over the past year and a half I am beginning to see how true this statement really is.  Father has led me to do some really crazy stuff, but it always works.  As we listen to the world screaming its immoral deceitful ugly views as the new norm it becomes almost sickening.  This, what can I get out of it mentality is totally mind boggling.    Let’s take a look at the kingdom economy.  We are called to give of our very being.  If we look at money it represents something. It represents time.  It represents a portion of our lives that we have sold to be able to sustain our lives.  If we are an hourly employee that hour of our lives is worth $$$$.  If we work over 40 hours it is worth even more.  If we are a pro athlete then our time is worth more.  So we are called to give.  When we donate cash to someone we are in actuality giving that person or organization part of our very being.  When we stop on the road to help someone who is broke down we are giving them something that cannot be gotten back.  We are giving them our time. Time is the nonrenewable resource that is the most precious thing we own on this earth.  Yet we are called to give.  We are called to trust in that which we cannot see physically and follow the teaching and precepts of the Christ that we nailed to a cross over 2000 years ago.  As the old adage goes, the proof is in the pudding.  Time and time again I have seen the leading of the spirit work.  When you are prompted to start conversation with someone you don’t know, go with it.  Look for that opening that the spirit will use to move the conversation to that which can save them from an eternity of pain.  Remember we are called to be a light on a hill. If we let him the Holy Spirit of God our Father will lead us to that person who he can touch through us. We will truly see his power demonstrated in love that will give fulfillment like we have never seen before.  Be open to being led by the Spirit of him who created us.
Go in peace