1st Corinthians 2:1-5
Nothing Fancy
Paul is a very learned man. Yet when he came to the people of Corinth he came with a simplicity that the Spirit was able to use to touch the population in a way that changed history. He spoke not in his own eloquence. He spoke in a simple way that the Holy Spirit was able to use in His Power that softened hearts and broke hearts and renewed spirits through the death and resurrection of the Christ. I have heard over and over again these words.. Evangelism is not my thing. I can’t do that. To that I answer Puppy Chunks. Moses was afraid to talk to Pharaoh because of his speech. Yet he got the job done. I would like to ask one simple question. How many of us have told out kids simple and sweet bedtime stories before they go to sleep at night? That’s all we are being asked to do. Tell the simplest, sweetest story that has ever been written. Father will use the abilities we have in a supernatural way to touch people’s hearts to change their lives forever. All that is required of us is obedience. All that is required of us is to open our mouths and let the Holy Spirit of God speak through us. When we do that we will see lives changed forever.
Go in peace