1st Corinthians 2:1-5
                                                                                Not words of wisdom but Fathers power.
Over the last couple of years I have been blessed to see our Fathers power through His Son by His Spirit in ways that are totally mind blowing.  That’s the power that Paul is speaking of here.  We have several weapons in the war for men’s hearts and minds.  1. The word of God. 2. Our testimony. 3. Demonstrations of Gods power through His Son by his spirit.  Number three is what Paul is talking about here.  You see the greatest demonstration of God’s power was and is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the power that can be demonstrated through us because of it.  It’s not our words that will change people’s hearts. It’s the demonstrations of power that comes through Christ and Him crucified that changes men and women in a split second.  The enemy of our souls will use fear of men to try and dissuade us from being the instruments of God the Fathers power in ways that will change other men’s hearts.  We have a choice in every situation that Father puts in front of us.  Are we going to act in the power of Christ or are we not.  If we are not he will find someone who is willing to participate in his building of His kingdom.  In Matthew 22:14 Christ tells us that many are called (invited) but few are chosen.  He puts out the call every day for workers for his vineyard.  The question each and every one of us has to answer every day is, are we willing to go to work, or are we going say no to Father and the building of His Kingdom.  It’s time to go to work.  It’s time to be used to demonstrate His power to those around us.
Go in peace