1st Corinthians 13:5-7
                                                                                               We can’t keep score
How many times have we said, “I did this, and he or she did not reciprocate?”  I am talking here about a person who for the most part is a good person.  Not a person who is physically or mentally abusive.  I was having a conversation with a close friend of mine last night.  This person is deeply in love with a lady who is not perfect.  He was telling me that she can call him at 3 in the morning and he always takes her call.  Yet he was complaining because he called her, woke her out of a deep sleep.  She said she would call him back and to that point had not.  I started praying at that second.  The words rang in my ears.  Don’t keep score.   Father in the above scripture had St. Paul write that love does not keep track of wrongs.  My friend kept using the word I in last night’s conversation.  My mind kept going back to verse 5 that says love does not keep track of wrongs.  Love does not keep score.  Love never fails.  We have to be willing to give to the other person expecting nothing in return.  Sometimes that a really hard thing to do depending on what we are giving to that person.  The epitome of this is my brother Ron.  He can be gruff. He is very intense. Yet he will give the shirt off of his back to a stranger on the street if he needs it.  As we go into this Christmas season know this.  Love gives.  It is not concerned with what it get’s back.  It just gives.
Go in peace