1st Corinthians 13:12
                                                                      We see through a glass dimly.
The above scripture continues on yet we shall see face to face.   Have you ever entered into something thinking it appears one way then when you get deeper and deeper into it you begin to realize the real truth of the situation.  Could be a number of things, but the thing to remember is this, if you have questions at all start to seek Fathers face with everything within you to see his greatness  come through.
Father will make things clear as a new pain of glass if we are willing to wait and not jump into anything.  The enemy uses great deceptions at times to throw Fathers People off track from that which fits Fathers purpose.  Father through the Son by the Spirit has some key things for each of us to accomplish as we work to see Fathers purpose accomplished.  All of us should know what those things are.  The key thing to remember is this.  Do not let the enemy get you off track, but stay focused on those things which Father through the Christ by the Holy Spirit has purposed for us to accomplish.  Stay focused on His kingdom.  Stay focused on His purpose.  As we do these things all we become clear to us.
Go in peace