Matthew 21:18-22
                                                                What is this faith the Christ was speaking of.
                This faith is not something man can manufacture.  It is not “If I just believe hard enough it will happen.  Faith is a knowledge that something is going to happen and we know it is Father giving us a deep assurance that it will happen.  Faith is like breathing.  It’s knowing that when we wake in the morning and inhale. 1. The air will be there. 2. Our lungs will expand and we will feel the cool air come in and out.  Faith is not believing hard enough for something to happen.  I have heard many times so called preachers saying.  If you only have enough faith anything can happen. If you only have enough faith you can have anything you want. That my friends is a man telling people if you only believe hard enough it will come.  He’s got it wrong.  Yesterday morning I woke knowing I had to  go to this beauty shop in Esko.  Thought for sure I would make a sale there.  I got up had breakfast, went to work.  That beauty shop was my first stop.  To my shock she did not have any use for the product I sell.  She had no customers so we talked for a while.  Things father is doing came into the conversation. I shared testimony with her.  I prayed with her.  Faith was active in this encounter.  Both her faith and mine was active in our meeting.  Faith is knowing exactly what Father wants you to do, and doing it.  As we learn to be active in our active faith we are going to become more and more amazed by what Father will do. And yes our faith will get to the point where we will be directed to pray that something happens and it will.  But it is not our faith, it is that quiet assurance that Father gives us that prompts us to take this action or that.  When we act on the prompting things will happen.
Go in peace