Ephesians 2:1-10
                                                By grace through Faith
It’s through Fathers grace and love that we were created.  It’s through His grace and love that He sent his son Jesus the Christ to pay the price so we could once again be in his presence.  It’s through His grace and Love that his spirit was given to us in acts two at Pentecost.  But there is only one way to take part in this.  John 11:26 tells us he who believes in Christ will never die.  Christ is the resurrection and the life. He who believes in him will NEVER die.  This body gives out, this body returns to dust, but the spirit lives on.  The question comes to mind, how one acquires this thing called faith.  How does one gain such a quiet assurance that Father by the Son through the Spirit really does have everything under control? 
That my brothers/sisters is where we come in. St. Paul in Romans 10 talks about those who bring good news. He talks about us as believers being the message bearer that brings good news to all around us.  Here is the bottom line.  We are given the truth, we are given giftings, and we are given opportunities to use both.  When we use our gifting to share the truth with people we become that voice of one crying in the wilderness.  When people hear the word, when they see the word working actively in our lives they can see the difference the Christ makes.  When this happens then we will see people making changes in their lives that are a result of God touching their heart because of our obedience.  When you think maybe, just maybe you should talk to someone. Do it and see where it goes.
Go in peace