1 Timothy 4:1-5 The great apostasy

This apostasy  turning out to be quite subtle.  Today we see people living together outside of marriage and no one calls them on it.  We see people having children out of wedlock and no one calls them on it.  There is a reason we are commanded that before we enter into the most intimate part of a relationship we should marry.  That reason is to protect both people involved in the relationship, and the offspring that will come from it.  The problem is believers today are falling into the same trap.  We are, instead of being set apart for the Glory of God, are following the “everybody” is doing it mode.  The result, we are seeing divorce running at the same levels in he church as every where else.  Instead of following the word that our Father has laid out, we are gods unto ourselves.  In today society it is OK to kill a baby before it is born because it is not the right time to start a family. But kill a baby animal and you go to jail.  So here is today’s challenge.  Look to the word Father has given us for guidance.  Follow the words precepts, and see how your life plays out.

Go in peace