I timothy 1:18-2:7 Fight the good fight.

                This starts by telling us to fight the Good fight, telling us that we are at War. Then ends by telling us what are weapon in this warfare is prayer.  Last night on the parking lot of our church I was speaking with John and Katie a couple that I know.  John was telling me about a fellow that he works with.  This fellow that he works with and his wife have had three pregnancies end in miscarriage.  Because of these miscarriages the wife has started seeking God.  She has started attending church, stopped drinking ECT.  He is going to divorce her because he does not want to give up his drinking and carousing.  He jokes about going to hell.  My friends, the battle grounds for men’s/women’s hearts is clear.  We as believers have to be aware that people are going to hell everyday because they are believing the lie that God just wants to take away their fun.  Father wants to give them a life fulfilled.  When Father brings someone such as above across your path, drop a word or two into their minds as a seed that can be nurtured by others.  Then go to battle for their soul with prayer, Father will bring the people across their path that will water the seed that he had us plant.  It’s time that we take the mindset that we are at war. Every time we see some one deceived such as the person above we have to double our attack in the heavenly.  Realize that a person’s eternity is at stake.

Fight like your life depends on it, theirs does.

Go in peace