1Timothy 1:18-20
                                                                             Fight the good fight.         
Before a country goes into battle they must ask the following question. “Why are we going into this battle, and what will victory look like?”   The why for us as believers is quite simple.  We go to battle because we care about our fellow man, and want him/her to have the same intimate relationship with our Father through the Son by the Spirit that we do.  What does the victory look like?  It looks different in e very situation that we find ourselves in.  Yesterday I called on a business in Carlton.  It’s a small online auction house.  The owner is an up and coming young business man.  Played high school sports, is  and from that experience was able to use the focus gained from that experience to put the same passion into his business.   As I stood there and talked to him Father made it clear to me that I was to pray for him.  At first he gave a chuckle, and then he told me he was not into religion, and then he told me to go ahead.  I watched him as I prayed, at first he tried to ignore the whole thing, then as I prayed the Spirit into his heart his eyes focused on me as I prayed.  I asked Father to show him who he (father) really is.  I asked the spirit to waken within him a desire to know our Father in a real way.  We talked for about half an hour after the prayer.  We talked about God’s economy.  We talked about giving back.  As we talked I used another business that gives back. Cloquet Ford as an example of a company that operates on Gods economy.  The amazing thing is he knows the owners.  The longer we talked the more open he became to what God is doing.  I asked him to do one thing.  Pray and ask Father to show him who he really is.  My brothers/sisters we are at war.  The victory is won, one life at a time.  Be open to being used. When you’re told to talk to someone do it.  You will be amazed how Father uses you.
Go in peace