1 Peter 3:1-4
                                                       A meek and quiet spirit
My Daughter and Son in law moved back to Duluth.  Yesterday I went to see them.  Visited with the Grand kids for a while then got on the Honda and went for a ride just enjoying the colors.  At times when I am out on the bike father will speak to me clearly, yesterday was one of those days.  I took a ride on the 7 bridges road in Duluth.  The colors yesterday were an amazing thing to see. As I came out onto Glenwood Street Father made it clear I was supposed to go to visit Sharon’s grave.  I really did not understand why as I have been really making an effort to not go there as I let her go.  I followed directions and rode into the cemetery.  Sharon’s grave sight is a serene spot.  There is a huge monument right beside her grave with the Lord’s Prayer on it.  It is really a place where a person can just clear their mind and listen to what Father is speaking.  As I rode into the cemetery  I could see a lady with some gardening tools working on a head stone.  I did not know if it was an employee or a family member working.  I walked over and started conversation.  Her name is Nancy.  She recently moved back from North Dakota with her husband.  They are living out near where I grew up.  As we talked she remembered her father, the kind of man he was. She said his grave stone was too deep.  She has to clean it every now and again or it will simply disappear under the earth.  We talked about how our Father touches each of us, and how we need to listen and pray for Father Guidance in all things.  She spoke words to me that I really feel were from Father to me.  I really felt the woman had the meek and quiet spirit that Peter spoke of. The wisdom that Father spoke through this lady was an amazing thing.  We had both listened and went to the cemetery when father directed us for this divine appointment.  Remember, all we have to do is listening and Father will direct our paths where he wants us to be.
Just listen