If we fear, we have not been made perfect in love.
The first thing that came to mind was a question when I looked at this section.  Fear what? What is the fear that John is speaking of here?  Perfect love is that love which lays down its life for another.  John 15:13.  Love is that which looks beyond itself and looks for the betterment of another.  All one has to do is look to a good parent to see what our Father does.  As I think back on my late wife Sharon, I see self-sacrifice.  She was not perfect, yet she loved with a love that goes beyond what I was capable of.   She taught me what sacrifice was about.  When it came to giving she had no fear.  Fear causes us to do things that are not at all logical.  Fear causes us to do things that we consider in our best interest yet in most cases are actually counter to our best interest.  Fear is what drives us to avoidance.  I am not talking here if an eminent physical danger, I am talking of a situation that will cause emotional pain.  Although in some cases physical pain may be involved.  You see we are not told that perfect make makes fear go away.   It casts it out.  It defeats it. It gives a person the courage to step beyond the dangers that we see as present in any given situation.  It’s time to start acting in perfect love and step beyond yourself.  Remember that the Father himself through the Son by the Spirit demonstrated what true, powerful, couragas love really is.
Go in peace