1 John 4:18 

There is no fear in love. Perfect love casts out all fear.

Our Father’s love is perfect, hence, it will cast out every fear that we may have.  Met a man today with a magnetic sign on the side of his car with a picture of his son with the date of his death in Iraq. His death saved 30 to 60 men.   He was a hero. His love of country and his fellow troops is what drove him to such a sacrificial act.   I apologize for not writing down his name.  A mother/father will do what it takes to save their child.  You see love does not destroy fear it cast it out.  It over comes the crushing power of fear so one can walk in the power that Father has created each of us to walk in.  Fear is an ugly thing. It can take a strong person and bring him/her to thier knees quacking and trembling in a way that leaves him/her helpless.  It can cause a person to do things to avoid situations that they are unclear what the outcome will be.  The person harboring the fear will do things that will cause those around them to scratch their head simply because their actions have no basis in logic.  Father can lay out a wonderful situation, but because of fear said person will walk away from what Father has laid out missing some of Fathers greatest gifts.  Fear is one of the enemy’s greatest tools, most of  the time they are paper lions.  No basis in fact.  That raises the question. How does one walk away from ones fear?  First, do not rely on your own strength.  Remember Father is perfect love.  One must place all reliance on that love that only Father can give to be able to experience that perfect love.  When one has experience walking through the paper lions then one can start to experience the victories over Satan’s lies, and walk in the victory and gain Fathers gifts in such a way that the lives of said person and those around them can be changed forever.  Remember that paper that looks so ugly and scary is just that Paper.  When Father puts something together the enemy will try to destroy it.  We must walk through that false wall of fear, and into the Glory Father has prepared for us. It’s then that we experience what those gifts Father really has for us.

Go in peace