1 Corinthians 3:5-9
                                                                Man plants, Man waters, but God gives the increase
Yesterday I was marketing Eli greatness begins.  There are some tourist towns along the south shore of Lake Superior I needed to get to.  Delay after delay kept me in Duluth yesterday, I was getting extremely frustrated as I really wanted to get out of town.  I sensed there was a reason for the delays but really did not understand why.  Then the thought of Devine appointment hit me.  Then it hit me.  “Leave now!”  I had two stops to make before I could leave.  The bank to deposit some proceeds of books sold, and a receipt book for the trip.  It was a beautiful day for a ride along the south shore.  Temps were in the mid 80s and very little traffic.  I drove passed this rest area and spotted a huge RV.  Felt like I needed to turn around and go back.   As I rode in I saw a gentleman reading under a tree.   Then I pulled a book out from under the seat of my bike.  Trevor, the gentleman sitting under the tree was a pleasant sort of guy. He was from England on a world tour.  Looked at the back of the book, what was written peaked his interest.   Then he explored the inside and looked at me. “It’s about God.” Was his statement.  “Yup” was my answer.  He handed the book back to me. “Not interested.” Was his answer.   I thanked him for his time, put the book away, and walked back for just a couple of more minutes.  I walked back and asked him one simple question. “What’s your problem with God?”   This question opened the door to me sharing some of my testimony.  I asked him to pray one simple little prayer.  “Jesus if you are who you say you are show me in a practical way?”  I don’t know if he will  but that’s up to our Father.   I continued the ride and came to a little town of Port Wing Wisconsin.   Since the release date is Sept. 18 the book Eli greatness begins can only be purchased directly from me, or Tate publishing on their web sight, I am getting outlets for the book set up pre release.  I am getting the book into as many small venues as I can.  I pulled into the Gas station, as I walked into the station I saw this couple eating Ice cream.  I asked them if they liked to read.  At times the lady answered.   I asked her if I could show her the book.  She answered yes.  I went in paid for my Gas and pulled a book from under the seat.   I handed it to her and she started to read it.   She smiled at me and said her son would love it. I asked her son’s name. Russell came the answer.  I asked them where they were from.  Madison was the response.  So here is what Father did through his Son by his spirit.   He delayed my leaving for hours. Had me stop and talk to a gentleman, then wait to buy my gas until I stopped in Port wing.  He had them leave Madison whenever they did so we could meet in this little town 75 miles from my house and 400 from theirs so they could buy this book Eli greatness begins for their son.  I don’t know the effect the words our Father had me write in this book will have on the young mans life, but this I do know, it could be great.
Go in peace