1 Corinthians 3:5-17
                                                                Man plants, Man waters, God gives the increase
This morning I got nailed.  Things have been going quite well with me lately.  Father has opened doors for some ministry to his people that have been truly overwhelming.  I began feeling quite important to the whole scheme of things. I started feeling quite important to Father  actually.  Then this morning I open the word and ask Father what he has for his people.  As I started reading the above passage I began to understand that it is not I who accomplishes anything, but Father’s spirit within me.  Ahhhhhhh reality hits.  My friends we are temples of his Holy Spirit.  We are his vehicles for touching others we come in contact with.  There is a warning here to take care of the temple.  We do not belong to ourselves.  We have been purchased with the blood of the lamb.  We must be willing to be the message. We must be willing to be the tool that Father uses to reach others.  We must understand that it is him working through us and not us doing it.  It is not wrong to feel good about being used.  What is wrong is when we take the credit for something Father is doing through the Son by the Spirit, by using us.  We are a tool. I love being used by Father.  It excites me as it should all of us whenever he uses us.  But we must remember where the Glory goes.  Not to us, but to Father. 
Go in peace