1 Corinthians 13
                                                                                The love is chapter
The question that first comes to mind is. How many weddings has this been read at?  The second is how many bride and grooms over the years have put this little chapter of the bible into action? One thing I think Saint Paul could have added is Love is Tough.  Patients is hard. Not being proud of something great one accomplishes, even if one realizes it is because of our Father is tough to do.  Not seeking his/her own way is a very, very, very difficult thing to accomplish.  Today I received an encouraging email from a reader asking me how many of these I do ahead of time.  I wrote a response that was honest, but not complete.  You see a complete answer would have given all of the Glory to Father and taken none for myself.  Instead I used It as a  way ofself grandeur.  It all has to be about our Father and nothing of myself.  Love is not proud.  Ouch!  My prayer is the words that are written here are all from our heavenly Father, not Michael. Love is……… We have a tendency at times to turn love into a feeling. It is not. Lust is a feeling.  True love is a choice.  True love knows from the beginning that it will hurt.  But the person doing the loving chooses to love anyway.  Love does not quit. It hangs in there when the going get’s really tough.  We are commanded to love. Sometimes that is the toughest thing in the world to do.
Go in peace