Galatians 6:1-12
                                                                                     We must bare each others burdens
It all started in August.  I was driving up to the Iron Range cities and drove by a small company called Caywood oil.  I had driven by there several times and always had my attention drawn to them.  I finally stopped in.  They gave me a statement, I ran it, and they gave me their business.  We ran into a glitch which was believed to be on my companies end, but as it turned out it was their customers issue and not mine.  Now we fast forward a month.  Another salesman calls on them selling the same product that I deal in.  He is told that they really like my service and are not interested in switching.  He asks for my name as he is really interested in someone who gives the kind of service that I do.  He calls me; I agree to have lunch with this gentleman.  His name is Kenneth.  When we meet the conversation soon turns from business to the book I have written, and to where the funds from that book are going.  As we discuss the Sharon Goldsmith institute the tears start to run down Ken’s cheek.  You see when he was married, and found out his wife was pregnant with his child he talked her into an abortion.  I prayed with him, and spoke words of forgiveness to him.  He shared with me how when his brother was going to do the same thing he talked him out of it.  Now whenever he sees his nephew the guilt floods him.  By this point I am praying like crazy.  I am listening to what Father is having me say.  I pass onto Ken what Father would have him do.  He is given some steps in forgiveness to be taken with the people he has harmed.  He is told to ask Father about the child whether is was male or female and then name it.  I was given the privilege to speak with him later that night.  He shared with me that he was still at McDonalds in Cloquet.  That he had prayed and asked Father if it were a boy or girl. Ken is a black man and was married to a white lady.  He told me that after he had prayed he looked up and a birthday party of little girls had come in. Ken really felt this was a message that it was a little girl.  He just felt He had asked Father through the son to ask the child that he had convinced his wife to destroy to forgive him. Then he asked a sign that she had.   A young girl probably 3 or 4 of mixed race looked over at him, ran up to his table, smiled and waived at him. She then ran back to the party.  Father went to great steps to bring Ken back to where he needed him to be.  It all started with Caywood oil and my following the lead of Father to stop there.   Father wants us to be there for each other.  Sometimes he brings brother and sisters from a great distance to be touched.  But we have to be willing to do the touching.
Go in peace